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By msamyweber , May 26, in Player Gameplay Suggestions. I’ve been playing now for about a year. Since the beginning, WOW lopsides the matchmaking. Take for instance the game I just played in Random. The team opposite mine had 7 players with badges or emblems for achieving high kill percentages. The team I was on had only 1. At the onset of the match, another player from my side commented: “Time to be punching bags”. To me, this indicates that players understand the lopsided nature of WOW matchmaking.

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Am I very unlucky or is tier IV matchmaking unfair? I’ve played maybe 50 games in tier IV my hetzer and matilda these last few days, and can count the number of times I’ve been top tier on one hand. Am I just being really unlucky, or is this working as intended?

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Jump to content. That’s 2 teams, 2 hours and a single game followed by 1 team, 2 hours and 0 games. If the system is going to be shit, can we at least get some level of compensation? Currently a tech rewards the players with absolutely nothing and the clan with a disgustingly low number of boxes so it really kills everybody’s interest in the game when it just happens over and over. Players are losing rewards that they can reasonably expect to earn, and the clan as a whole is losing out on rewards too.

What doesn’t make sense to me is why the tech system can’t be fairer. It’s unfair that some clans can have 2 or 3 teams up and not tech a single game, but we can tech with a single team. If implementing a system where prioritising giving a clan’s second team a tech is too difficult, can it at least be random instead of punishing the clan with the best PR so it’s fair?

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By Sethioz , April 21, in General discussions. I very rarely use the forums and I very rarely complain over “unfair” gameplay.. When I started playing Crossout, which was in early state of closed beta, I tried queuing up with my friend in group and we waited like 10 minutes and could not find a match, while it worked fine when solo queuing. So I asked Gaijin what is going on, they told me something along the lines of “This is because game always matches group vs group, because putting group of players vs ungrouped players is unfair” Closed beta did not have many players, so it was quite understandable why it took so long time not even the issue.

I mean sure, if you take group of 4 vs group of 4 with similar builds, then it’s fair like in clan wars , but that’s almost never the case. If I’m in group of 2, i get put against group of 3, if i play in group of 3, i get put against group of 4. Based on what kind of space alien logic is this fair??? I think the problem is that developers do not play the game and don’t understand how UNFAIR it can be to put group of 3 vs group of You stand almost no chance whatsoever.

They will be in the camping wars, peek and shoot.. I have seen those matches so many times.. HOW do I know players are grouped? For example if you have 4 players in group and then 3 players in group in same team, then group of 4 is always on top of the player list, then comes the group of 3 and last is the ungrouped player or bot.

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Unfair matchmaking world of tanks

X from what I’ve seen. This puts 2 of the strongest tech trees and two smaller yet decent tech trees together. It’s even worse when Sweden gets to join this unhistorical and unfair coalition. Germany, Italy, and Japan are getting rofl-stomped from what I’ve been seeing as Japan and Italy have no tech-tree helicopters, the Germans barely spawn in their helis, and finally, their vehicles basically consist of fast tanks that can take caps but can’t hold them and mediums with unreliable survivability such as the OFs and Leopards.

Someone explain to me why there is no Warsaw pact vs Nato matchmaker or why Germany can’t team up with Russia.

A couple of tanks live streams on each team up with off-topic; forum matchmaking – posted in world of tanks na; top menu. Older wot matchmaker and 7 more.

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What happens when it takes tanks console.

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